actor headshots


It’s been a crackers week full of very diverse shoots but my love is always photographing people. Last week I met Stefanos, a great guy, who is starting out on his acting career and wanted some headshots for his portfolio.

I’m sure he won’t mind me saying, for those who know him, the wardrobe he brought with him was more extensive than anything I’ve ever seen – loved that! He’d never been shot professionally before but I hope I’ve done him justice! What a lovely man. You might only spend a fleeting amount of time with people you meet but being a photographer, you hope to connect within a very short time and hopefully bring out the best in the people you shoot. What I love is the stories, the background and more importantly, the laughs and this shoot had all of that.

I caught up with Stefanos recently and as a result of him sending out his images, he's now been signed by an agent and is a working actor.  

actor headshots2