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We buy with our eyes and in a world where everything is photographed within an inch of it's life, with phone cameras and digital devices, the importance of professional photography for your business still holds up. 

If you've got a sweet tooth, you all want to eat those chocolates? Am I wrong? If I told you this beautiful brand were so focussed on producing their product but didn't really know what they needed to showcase their gorgeous product; they had camera phone images that didn't come close to showcasing the time, love, effort and skill in producing what they sell as an artisan business and most definitely didn't attract the customers they wanted. As a photographer, who is a savoury girl, this was the perfect business to work with. I could shoot and not eat the props! Together we captured the images they needed to start promoting and selling their gorgeous chocolates through high-end retailers and they are now where they should be.

Whether it's promoting the people behind a business through personal branding and great headshots of you and your team; showcasing the products and services you've carefully sourced, created and offer through beautiful product or service imagery; creating the aspirational images you use on your website or within your brochures and advertising to truly reflect your brand and entice your customers, the investment you make in hiring a professional photographer will come back to you ten-fold. Don't think of it as a cost, think of it as an investment and a revenue generator. 

Working with a photographer is collaborative. Without exception, I work with my clients to try and bring their vision to life - no photographer should just turn up and just shoot - they should be invested in you and your business, be a creative director if you're not sure about what you need and bring new ideas or buy in to your ideas if you have a clear vision. It could be a simple headshot or a life long relationship as your business grows but one thing holds true, I'm not just shooting a product or person, I am 100% behind your business and want to create images you will be proud to promote. And as a result, you will sell more and attract the right clients for you. 

Professional Headshots: Who are you? 

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What does your image say about you? Any business starts with the people behind the brand. Make no mistake, we all like to see who we're working with or might work with and a great profile photo, whether on social media sites or company websites, instills a feeling of trust and a good or bad first impression. I'm sure none of us want the 'caught off guard at an event' shot or 'my friend had a great camera and it will do' shot.

If I've heard it once, I've heard it a million times. "I hate having my photograph taken", "I'm not photogenic", "It's about my business not me", "I don't have the time". A great headshot can be taken in a matter of minutes when your photographer engages with you, has spent the time putting you in great light and poses you properly. Sometimes you have minutes, you're all busy right? Sometimes it takes a little longer but a good photographer will put you at ease and bring out the best of you without you realising.

I absolutely love what I do and when I see the images of people and businesses I've worked with, out there for all to see, I get a good feeling that I've contributed, in some way, to their success. 

If you're waiving about spending a budget on a professional photography, here's a few things to consider;

1. Find the right photographer for you and your brand. Research and look at their portfolio, their style of images and if it's a fit for you and your brand. Speak to fellow business owners for referrals - images are paramount of course but finding someone you connect with and understands what you need is equally as important;

2. A professional photographer doesn't just take great shots. They work with you collaboratively and contribute to the vision you want to achieve for your business. Sometimes a creative, outside eye, will suggest a new way of looking at your business so if you're struggling for inspiration, make sure you work with them to create a vision for you; And if they don't contribute, walk away;

3. If your budget is limited, don't be tempted to go for the cheapest option that offers everything at a low cost. I can guarantee you'll be disappointed and will probably have to reshoot at a greater cost. Most photographers worth their salt will be very honest with you about costs and will endeavour to work to your budget but you have to be realistic about what you're prepared to spend, understanding that the resulting images will drive revenue for you; 

4. Finally, most photographers love to learn and be involved and grow with you and your business so if you find a great one, hang on to them and take them on your journey. 

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